About Kat

I have cared about pictures longer than I can remember caring about anything else!
My dad gave me his old film SLR when I was maybe 10 years old, taught me how to use it, and I never turned back.
I lost touch with this hobby of mine for a few years in the midst of life… but re-discovered the importance of documenting my memories when I had my children.
I love this art and enjoy so much the families I meet and the memories I help make for them.

As well as living photography, I also play a wife, a loving mother to two beautiful boys who make my every day, and a friend to the few who I value so much and who value me.
I love the spring, and the fall. I love being barefoot and sitting outside on a sunny day enjoying the breeze, coffee in hand.
I also love the color pink… And blue (especially blue drinks!)

This is me, I look forward to getting to know you!   :)

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